Lady Leads the Creative Coordinator / Concierge Consultant

                                                                              Lady Leads the Creative Coordinator / Concierge Consultant

*Creative Coordinator of NJ's Entrepreneurs Investors Haven in Real Estate located, located in Newark, NJ
-This MeetUp is FREE since April 2017 hosted by Benedict Guerrier, owner of Alpha Developments and Investments plus La Rouge Lounge in Newark, NJ. We welcome entrepreneurs like yourself to join forces to develop real estate deals not only in New Jersey, but also nationwide. In New Jersey and the surrounding areas, we have the Top Developers, Architects, Contractors, Title Agents, Wholesalers, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Property Managers, Real Estate Attorneys, Bankers and Venture Capitalist to bring about a 360 degree approach to close successful real estate deals. Several topics will be discussed at great detail concerning strategies and opportunities available for development projects. Within the 1 year assisted in creating the idea of "Celebrity Fix and Flip. Click here to watch a short clip!

*Creative Coordinator & Host of Mo' Hair Foundation 501 (c)(3) 18th Annual Thanksgiving Feast & Fundraiser in Jersey City, NJ  
-Monique's Techniques - Mo' Hair Foundation is a non-for-profit organization with an legacy of 18 years feeding 1,000's of Jersey City, NJ homeless community. The Mo' Hair Foundation was invited as guest on NJ News 12 to enlighten the NJ/NYC on how hair replacements from many suffering due to cancer, alopecia and other catastrophic scalp tragedies brings back self-confidence in children and adults. Now, there's a waiting list of over 30 adults and children in need and each hair replacement is over $500 to create.  Please visit the website to donate, which is a tax write-off for you. Thank you to and for capturing the 2015 "18th Annual Thanksgiving Feast & Fundraiser".

*Creative Coordinator, Organic Executive Personal Assistant & Host of ACC 501 (c)(3) 1st Preview & Fundraiser in Manhattan, NY
-It Takes A Village - Aspen's Children Corner is a non-for-profit organization with an historic movement bridging an educational gap for all children to become reporters by interviewing legends living within their city/state. Please visit the website to donate, which is a tax write-off for you. This concept allows children to learn who's shoulders they are standing on and how to navigate through life to reach a similar dream. The 1st ACC Preview/Fundriaser event titled, "Honoring Children... As Children Honor Legends" Awards takes place 2014 at Columbia University "Faculty House" in New York City with the help of David Still of Climax Entertainment who brought upcoming Artist "Ju-Taun" and Joe Saunders of Philly On Point who brought music legends "Blue Magic" as the entertainment of the evening with so many others. 

*Concierge Consultant | Virtual Organic Personal Assistant + Virtual Financial Budgeter
-Currently 2014 resides in Hong Kong (1st Black Female Top Yoga Studio & Billboard exposer)
-Commercial on OWN-Oprah Winfrey Network
-YAYA POWER YOGA is a mobile wellness studio inspired by the authentic practice and teaching philosophy of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. 

*Creative Coordinator "Wardrobe" (Women, Men & Children) 
-Observe current style, reason or occasions for coordinating desired social appearance within budget.

*Creative Coordinator
-Well-known photography in the Eastern NC
-Since 2005, Artis worked w/ The Beast (Durham/Raleigh Band), Celebrity Chef Lauren Von Der Pool as well as ECU (Music Department Events) + much more!

Other Work by Lady Leads:
*Providing access to successful fundraisers w/ free material to registered non-profit org. state-to-state. 
*Launched 2 High Traffic Locations w/ Digital Branding TV Screen for Local Ads (Eastern NC area)
*Promotional Model (Sales/Marketing branding for various companies like Sony, Dove, Physicians Formula, Axe, Oil of Olay, etc.)
*State-to-State Creative Coordinator/Concierge Consultant: 6-Weddings, 5-Birthdays {Adults, Teens, 1 +yr old Children}, 1-Funeral in D.C., MD, NC, NJ, NY, VA

Background Experiences:
*Child Educator/Tutoring (+Foster Kids)
*Financial Planner
*Chemical Industrial Sales/Marketing
*Insurance Sales/Recruiting
*Banking Sales/Marketing

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